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Welcome to Overall

Overall is a band based in Oslo, - Norway. The band attempts, in
inspiration from the seventies, to combine Blues with the grooves of
Funk, the technicalities of Fusion, and the soul of man. The repertoire
is inspired by musicians like; Albert King, Otis Rush, Billy Cobham and
Freddie King, among others.

The band has been one of the regular acts at Oslo's main blues club
Muddy Waters since its opening in 1999. The band has also played
concerts in as diverse places as Sandefjord, Brønnøysund, Nes, Drøbak,
Notodden etc.

The way the band incorporates different musical styles into a blues
foundation, combined with their creative and joyful playing, has earned
them status as one of the most attractive live-acts in Oslo.

Band members are:
Anders Strand; lead vocals and guitars
Njål Ra; bass
Sturla Nøstvik; drums
Trygve Beddari; keyboards and background vocals

At these webpages you'll find Mp3's under "downloads", pictures in the
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